Guaranteed Rate Field :: White Sox vs. Indians, 9/26/18

Guaranteed Rate Field

After playing over 80 years in famed Comiskey Park, the White Sox of the south side have played the last 20 years in this ballpark which has changed names about as many times as Gregg has asked Brent to help him move (a lot). Its current moniker is Guaranteed Rate Field and before even entering we agreed that name would likely be the worst part of the whole ballpark. (That, and the fact that the White Sox play there; curse you, AJ Pierzynski and the entire 2005 ALCS). Brent thinks he’s super creative and that “The Griff” (G.R.F.) could easily catch on, and while he may be right, by the time it catches on the name will have changed another four times. At any RATE (see what we did there?), in the end we were right. If you can get past the name and the home team, it’s not a bad place to take in some baseball, we GUARANTEE it! Okay, that’s enough.

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Wheels Up! 9/25/18

Outside SluggersOn the road again.  Well, at the airport again, but you know what I mean. As we checked in to our flight early on Tuesday morning, the kiosk informed us that the flight was overbooked and to see the gate attendant if we were interested in volunteering to give up our seat.

Now normally, that sort of thing wouldn’t be of interest to us, but today was our travel day anyways.  We did have $20 bleacher seats at Wrigley for the 7 pm game, but we also had tickets to a second game later in the week so if the offer was enticing enough and we could get to Chicago at a semi reasonable hour, we could be persuaded.  When Brent first inquired about giving up our seats, the offer from Delta was a $400 voucher and they could get us into Chicago by 11:30 pm.  Obviously, we’d miss the game that night, but a couple of extra hours waiting for $400 was no joke. He came back to our seats and we mulled our options.  Continue reading

Start Planning Your Baseball Trip…

Brent here. So maybe you’re reading this blog and thinking, “what a crazy undertaking to try and see all 30 MLB stadiums…where does one begin with such an idea?” Good question. I guess it starts with your wife taking a crazy, fun girls’ trip without you, and you realizing you need to do something to get even, I mean, to get excited about yourself.

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Welcome to Baseball on the Road!

That’s Gregg on the left and Brent on the right. We’re both fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but even bigger fans of baseball. It’s our mutual goal to visit every single MLB stadium all across this great land. As baseball fans, we’ve both experienced countless games at the park, but not at very many different stadiums. That’s all about to change.

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