Miller Park :: Brewers vs. Tigers, 9/28/18

Brent & Gregg at Miller ParkAfter a day of revelry and adventure in Wisconsin’s biggest city, Brew Town, we met up with a dear old friend, Charles Huyett, and his 13-year-old son, Elijah, and the four of us made our way to Miller Park for the Brewers’ meaningful game against the Tigers. I’ve (Brent) known Charles since age 18 and his wife even longer; he’s about as kind and thoughtful of a person as you’ll ever meet, he helped keep me sane through college and seminary, he likes to fly model planes, and he enjoys Tarheels basketball more than any reasonable person should. We had a blast and it meant a lot that he’d trade two bison, four pounds of sugar, a horse, and a wagon wheel in order to make the long and arduous trek from his home in the literal middle of nowhere about 30 miles outside Milwaukee. Anyhoo, trailing the Cubbies in the NL Central by just one game with only three to play, the Brewers were sure to be hunting for a win, and we were excited to see the imminent NL MVP play some ball in Christian Yelich. Coming from a couple guys who crown Mike Trout as the best ever, trust us, this Yelich kid is gooooooooooood. Continue reading

Guaranteed Rate Field :: White Sox vs. Indians, 9/26/18

Guaranteed Rate Field

After playing over 80 years in famed Comiskey Park, the White Sox of the south side have played the last 20 years in this ballpark which has changed names about as many times as Gregg has asked Brent to help him move (a lot). Its current moniker is Guaranteed Rate Field and before even entering we agreed that name would likely be the worst part of the whole ballpark. (That, and the fact that the White Sox play there; curse you, AJ Pierzynski and the entire 2005 ALCS). Brent thinks he’s super creative and that “The Griff” (G.R.F.) could easily catch on, and while he may be right, by the time it catches on the name will have changed another four times. At any RATE (see what we did there?), in the end we were right. If you can get past the name and the home team, it’s not a bad place to take in some baseball, we GUARANTEE it! Okay, that’s enough.

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Wheels Up! 9/25/18

Outside SluggersOn the road again.  Well, at the airport again, but you know what I mean. As we checked in to our flight early on Tuesday morning, the kiosk informed us that the flight was overbooked and to see the gate attendant if we were interested in volunteering to give up our seat.

Now normally, that sort of thing wouldn’t be of interest to us, but today was our travel day anyways.  We did have $20 bleacher seats at Wrigley for the 7 pm game, but we also had tickets to a second game later in the week so if the offer was enticing enough and we could get to Chicago at a semi reasonable hour, we could be persuaded.  When Brent first inquired about giving up our seats, the offer from Delta was a $400 voucher and they could get us into Chicago by 11:30 pm.  Obviously, we’d miss the game that night, but a couple of extra hours waiting for $400 was no joke. He came back to our seats and we mulled our options.  Continue reading

Back on the Road!

About seven years ago as we sat together one night watching baseball on TV, one of us spoke up and said, “wouldn’t it be awesome to be one of these dudes who travels the country watching baseball and visiting every ballpark along the way?” We didn’t immediately quit our jobs, drop our lives, and hit the road, but by the end of that night we had decided to do the next best thing: slowly but surely visit all 30 Major League ballparks, together, no matter how long it took. And this blog became the diary of our great quest!


In the years since, quite a bit of life has happened for both of us–four kids between us, for starters–but two things have remained: our friendship, and our journey for 30! After a couple seasons of hitting a ballpark here and a ballpark there (mostly in our own state), we decided we were due for a lengthier trip in the 2018 baseball season. Our destination? The Midwest! And we leave in 36 hours.

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The Seattle/Safeco Wrap!

Beautiful SeattleJust 100 hours later and our jam-packed Seattle trip has come to a close. As we did with our East Coast swing last year, it’s time for us to share with you the highs and lows of our trip and educate you on both the city of Seattle and Safeco Field, as we critically evaluate our experiences the past few days (sort of our Siskel and Ebert moment, if you will). The format of this trip (one city and multiple visits to one ballpark over the course of 4+ days) proved quite different than the city/ballpark hopping style of last year’s trip, but the biggest positive of this style, is that a much more thorough familiarity with the city and ballpark was available to us. So, here goes…the Seattle/Safeco wrap.

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So-So Seattle

Safeco PanoramaSorry about the mid-trip hiatus; we hit Rock Bottom, literally. It didn’t feel like we had anything blog-worthy, but after some feedback from our loyal readers, we hear you, we affirm our commitment to you, and we apologize. Day 3 (Saturday) of the Seattle trip started with a much anticipated Safeco Field tour. We knew from our experience the night before at the game that the ballpark was awesome and we anticipated seeing even more behind the scenes at the tour. But we were about to find out that the ballpark tour, and the rest of the day as a matter of fact, was underwhelming.

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Mariners vs. Angels | July 12, 2013

Brent and Gregg at SafecoSafeco Field…the jewel within the jewel that is the Emerald City, Seattle. That’s for you, Gregg. Seriously though, after just one poorly-attended and not-so-thrilling game, we are still ready to rank Safeco Field as one of the premiere ballparks in the country. If we have to nitpick, there are just two knocks against it: the surrounding neighborhood is nothing special (though it’s just south of downtown), and the ticket prices are far higher than they need or should be. Otherwise, “The Safe” as we like to call it (as of the writing of this post) has it all going on: stellar views, superb multimedia, engaged fans, solid food, nice staff, and a facility that is unquestionably a ballpark for baseball.

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You Say Snoqualmie, I Say Snoqualmie!

Beautiful SeattleThe crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle herself, officially welcomed us SoCal folk with open arms today! Day one of this trip to the Emerald City did not include any baseball games (don’t worry, each of the next three days will), but there is no shortage of experiences to share from this day: Exploration Day! Traffic worse than LA at rush hour, teens jumping off of 30 foot bridges into slow moving rivers below, and an amazing gem known as the Snoqualmie Falls were just a few of the many surprises that filled our first day in Seattle!

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Seattle, Here We Come!

Dedmons and Angiers!It’s that time of year when Gregg and Brent hit the road to catch the boys of summer on fields all across the country. This summer, the “BaseballOnTheRoad” boys will be heading to the grand jewel of the Northwest, the Emerald City herself, the place where the sun literally does not shine: Seattle, Washington! Our trip will begin on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 5:30 AM, and will conclude on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 1:01 PM. Nothing but good times, ballpark food, baseball action, and Seattle in all its glory will be found in between!

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The Northeast Swing Wrap!

Looking back, there is just so much that we saw and experienced on this 8-day journey to the Northeast that we feel the need to try and consolidate the ups, downs, cheers, and jeers for each city and each stadium. Plus, we know that people (at least the ones who care and even remember that we were out of town) are going to ask the go-to question, “which was your favorite city and ballpark?”

Thus, below we have narrowed down our countless experiences to one cheer, one jeer, and one honorable mention per city. And below those, for those of you who like lists, we’ll list the best from each stadium, and then the ballparks and cities are ranked in terms of our overall enjoyment (and we are in complete agreement). Enjoy!

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