Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Take-off for the Northeast Swing of our ultimate baseball road trip is just 11 days away, and since we’ll have plenty to write about during our trip, here’s a bit more about what has gone into the preparation for our trip. After we determined our trip budget, picked the cities we wanted to hit on this leg (D.C., Baltimore, Philly, New York, and Boston), and made sure the MLB schedule would cooperate, that’s when the planning started to get exciting.

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Start Planning Your Baseball Trip…

Brent here. So maybe you’re reading this blog and thinking, “what a crazy undertaking to try and see all 30 MLB stadiums…where does one begin with such an idea?” Good question. I guess it starts with your wife taking a crazy, fun girls’ trip without you, and you realizing you need to do something to get even, I mean, to get excited about yourself.

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