Milwaukee UBER Reviews

It’s safe to say that our greatest adventures in Milwaukee might have been our Uber rides hither and yonder. So much so that they deserved a post of their own.

  1. Jason, aka Jason: Jason abides by the philosophy that life is to be lived a quarter mile at a time.  That’s why he always playing the soundtracks to “The Fast and The Furious” movies.  Our particular trip was lucky enough to get the acclaimed music from film #6 of the franchise.  The collection of My Little Pony stuffed animals hanging from the rear view mirror was a nice touch and made us feel at home.  Rating: 3 stars
  2. “Ninja Lady”, aka Melissa: If you need to get to where you’re going in a hurry, Ninja Lady is your gal.  Stop signs, traffic lights, and speed limits are merely suggestions for her.  She’s lived in Milwaukee her whole life, but don’t bother asking her what you should do in the city.  She doesn’t know.  Rating: 4 stars
  3. “Believe”, aka Herman: License plate…BELI3VE.  Song choice…gospel funk.  Talking: no thanks.  Smell of car: Motel 6.  Rating: 2 stars
  4. Ramiro, just Ramiro: If you need to be thoroughly entertained and moderately frightened in your time in Milwaukee, Ramiro is your guy.  In the 6 minutes we were in his car, (and this is all true) he told us about how he:
    • Almost killed a man in LA for calling him a “Gringo”
    • That when he gets mad he “doesn’t care what happens”
    • That he once saw a tornado form for “about a minute”
    • That donuts are “good for you in moderation”
    • That “everything is actually bad for you”
    • That his uncle makes rattlesnake skin wallets
    • That rattlesnake tastes just like chicken
    • That if you give a kid $.50 nowadays they “wont give a f#%k”
    • And how if you don’t like this country you can “get the f#%k out”

Love him or hate him, this is Ramiro’s world and we’re all just living in it. Rating: 5 stars

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