Start Planning Your Baseball Trip…

Brent here. So maybe you’re reading this blog and thinking, “what a crazy undertaking to try and see all 30 MLB stadiums…where does one begin with such an idea?” Good question. I guess it starts with your wife taking a crazy, fun girls’ trip without you, and you realizing you need to do something to get even, I mean, to get excited about yourself.

About 6 months ago, Gregg and I were sitting down watching some inconsequential sporting event on TV at my house, and we were talking about how cool it must be to be one of those guys that can do big adventures like this and travel the country watching baseball. Minutes later, we had decided we could be two such guys. We’ll unpack each of these items in subsequent posts, but in a nutshell, here’s how to get started:

  1. Determine your travel budget and see if it’s feasible to do some kind of trip at all. Maybe you start with a West Coast trip if the dollars aren’t adding up for a jaunt back East.
  2. Wait for the Major League Baseball schedule to come out. There’s really no firm plans you can make on destination and/or dates until the MLB schedule-making nerds speak forth their blueprint for the upcoming season.
  3. Buy a book like The Ultimate Baseball Roadtrip. Even if you have no interest in doing a trip like this, you’ll likely find it a fun read if you like baseball. Gregg and I both picked up this 2nd edition a few months back because it includes all the newest stadiums that have been built in recent years.
  4. Visit a super cool website like that will help you create a lineup. You can tell it which stadiums you’d like to visit in what span of time during the time of year of your choice. It will give you all possible combinations. Rain Man seriously came up with this website.
  5. Agree on the dates, agree on who’s going on the trip, and agree on who does what. For us, Gregg is handling the game tickets and getting around each city, while I handled airfare, transit from city to city, and accommodations. Luckily, we’re both comfortable with the other person’s affinity to be overly-prepared.

Before you know it, it’s on the calendar and you have to explain to your spouse the crazy plans you’ve just made.


2 thoughts on “Start Planning Your Baseball Trip…

  1. Great info. Thank you. ALthough I’m not quite ready to drag my one-year-old across the country…I will be doing this when he gets a little older. I’m looking forward to reading your other reviews of the parks.

    I bet you are having so much fun! Can’t wait to hear about the food too.

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